Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Generational Patterns Part 1

A new baby is coming into our family in the next few days. It is a new beginning for her and for us. She will be joining her sister Lily who is almost three. She will join us genetically and also in our family emotional patterns whether they are healthy or unhealthy. These generational patterns are not hers, but will be what she inherits as she takes on her body.

She is our second grandbaby and we are so thrilled about her arrival. We wonder what she will look like. Will she be dark haired or lighter in coloring? What will be the color of her eyes? What will her smile look like, her hands and feet? When her laughter joins her sister’s giggles, a friendship from heaven will be renewed.

We have been preparing for her for a long time now. There have been many who have come before her to provide a place for her here on earth. Their preparations include physical and spiritual preparations. Each family member has made a contribution to what we call “family” and “family learning”. I wonder what contribution she will make to our “family learning”?

We know her already, we know her from before we came here. Her body will not reveal her, but she will be familiar. How much of an influence will the genetics or “nature” have in her life? How much will “nurture” or her environment have in her life? We know that both factors will impact her.

We also know that her will can have power to over ride the effects of both. What patterns will she reject that she feels are no longer useful for her and what will she embrace and make her own?

Generational patterns include both genetic and emotional patterns as part of our life’s story. These patterns provide learning material and are part of our life’s curriculum. Musical, mathematical, linguistic strengths and other kinds of genius are born in families. Tendencies for addictions, anger, or depression also run in families.

Health conditions and genetic patterns for health and illness come with this physical body. These certain tendencies in so many different areas provide strengths to the individual and certain tendencies provide struggles or weaknesses. Strengths and weaknesses provide opportunities for learning and growth.

As grandparents I pray that we will help her navigate through this world and her generational patterns, so that she can fulfill her dreams, her life purpose and mission. Thank God for her new beginning and for our opportunity to begin again as grandparents. We hold a deeper commitment to express our love in better ways than ever before. We have a desire to model respect for self and respect for others through self-mastery and effective communication. We welcome this baby with hope for new and improved family patterns for her and hope for a better world for all of us.

Check in next week for info about her birth and more about generational patterns.