Monday, March 29, 2010

New Seminar for Students and Alumni

A weekend seminar on Principles of Abundance will be presented by Pam Robinson on Friday, Apr. 30 from 7-10 pm and on Saturday, May 1 from 9 am - 3 pm. The seminar will cover abundance, prosperity and money issues. Students will receive 6 credit hours for attending. Please provide your own lunch and snacks. The cost is $145 per person ($125 registration fee + $20 cash in hand). Contact us for further information or to register.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Welcome to Our Blog

Our Mission Statement:
We are committed to elevating the human condition by celebrating the process of life and by liberating the soul through truth.

We were founded in 1999 by Pam Robinson for the purpose of teaching emotional release and healing techniques. We currently offer books, weekend workshops, free workshops, private emotional release sessions, as well as a year-long training program which includes the option of becoming an emotional release facilitator. We use “The Process” – a comprehensive method for healing and bringing to closure experiences from the past which have continued to impact our lives in a negative way. We refer to this method as “processing”, “emotional processing” or “emotional release work.” The tools we use to assist with the process are bio-kinesiology, guided imagery, neuro-linguistic programming, speak-out-feelings, role play, inner child work and visualization. During a process, we:
  1. Determine the most important age for us to work on.
  2. Identify emotionally-charged experiences from that age that have left us with negative emotions stored in our body.
  3. Release those emotions using a combination of techniques.
  4. Work through the nonproductive, unhealthy, or destructive thought patterns, beliefs, decisions and behaviors that grew out of those experiences.
  5. Continue working with the above items until we’ve shifted to a place of greater clarity, truth, and peace and we’re prepared to make new choices about our life.
Stored emotions can leave us with any number of health problems, emotional difficulties, psychological or spiritual challenges. Being emotionally incomplete brings procrastination, clutter, debt, poor time management, a sense of powerlessness, and a loss of energy. Processing brings closure and completion to the past, and completion brings energy, power, freedom, improved health and emotional maturity.

Year-Long Program Requirements
Applicants must have a high school diploma, have experienced at least one process, and demonstrate the ability to meet the financial obligations. An independent-study option is available for students who are unable to attend class on campus or at any of the satellite schools.

Continuing Education Credits
Utah residents can receive continuing education credits for our year-long program as well as for our Weekend Trainings. To get the credits you will need to send a certificate of completion to the Utah State Office of Education. This can benefit teachers, nurses and other professionals who are required to earn continuing education credits. Further details are available from the Institute of Healing Arts.

Out-of-state students will need to check with their individual state Office of Education to see whether credits are available.